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A Young Woman Writing

Group Mentorship Program

For filmmakers without a script.


  • Brainstorm ideas.

  • Learn Scriptwriting basics.

  • Receive feedback.

  • Exit the program with a nearly completed or complete script.

  • Network with other writers.


*Script must be 10 pages or less.


Director & Producer
Group Mentorship Program

For filmmakers ready to bring their script to life.

  • Gain production resources (casting, locations, crew).

  • Organize and plan your shoot (budgeting, scheduling, etc...).

  • Learn set etiquette and communicating with actors and crew.

  • Network with other Producers and Directors.

*Script must be 10 pages or less.

Production Crew

Mentorship Program

For filmmakers wanting a customized experience.

  • Program specified to your project.

  • Elevate your film career with guidance and advice on writing, directing, producing, editing, marketing, networking and distribution.

  • Script consulting.

  • Goal setting and accountability check-ins.

  • Bi-weekly meetings.

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