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PYNC Studios stands for Perspectives You Never C. It refers to the lack of diverse imaging of black people in Film and Television.


PYNC Studios presents a unique portrayal of black families, friendships, relationships, careers, and everyday life.


Our mission is to fill the screen with a new perspective and diversify the depiction of black people in Film & Television.


Chicago native, Shaquille Roberts, has always possessed a passion for storytelling. ​

Employed as a journalist for numerous years, she complimented this creativity by obtaining a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production 

As a Writer, Director, and Producer of independent films: Shaquille has managed to produce high-quality content with limited funding. Consequently, her work has been featured in multiple film festivals including Southside Film Festival and Black Harvest Film Festival, among others. She’s also received multiple awards for her films including “Best Writing” in the Top Indie Film Awards and “Best TV Pilot” in the Panama Series Fest. She is best known for her award-winning television show The Other Wife, currently streaming on Tubi. Her most recent film Lucky Number 7 can be streamed on Roku and Amazon Firestick via Cineverse. 

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